Exterior Doors


Home Repair, Remodeling and Improvement

  Installation include:

Installation and Replacement of Exterior Doors

- Removal of existing door
- Installation of door in same size
- Installation of kick plate, peep hole and new lock hardware
- Caulking or insulating as required
- Test to ensure proper operation
- Final clean up of job site and haul-away of material


An exterior door can include any entry door such as the front door or back door.
Generally, this door leads from the outside into your home. Exterior doors are
heavy duty and should be weatherproof and painted or stained with a quality
product to help it last. A home's entry door is one of the first things people
notice about a house. Its color, style and condition are a big part of how
a property looks from the outside. A stylish, well-maintained exterior door
can set a house apart from those around it.






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