Windows Materials


Once you have selected the best window style for your home, the next decision is the material of the frame. Replacement windows are constructed out of many different materials. Each window material has its own benefits and its own drawbacks. Consumers have a growing number of options for window materials available to them and at a reasonable price too.



Better quality aluminum windows are equipped with thermal breaks that separate the interior and exterior surfaces of the window.
There are many benefits to installing aluminum windows in your home:

Aluminum replacement windows are the strongest and most durable of all replacement window materials.
Resists deterioration.
Available in a multitude of colors.
Enhances the appeal of your home.
Aluminum windows can be painted unlike vinyl windows.


Wood windows are the most common for homes. There are many benefits to installing wood windows in your home.

New wood windows enhance your home's visual appeal.
Wood windows come in a wide array of custom colors and designs.
Wood is an excellent insulator.
Wood windows can be finished to protect against deterioration.
Unaffected by temperature extremes.
Less prone to condensation.


Vinyl windows are an exceptionally energy-efficient window.
Vinyl is extremely durable.
Although they cannot be painted, vinyl windows are available in a variety of colors.
Resists corrosion.
Vinyl windows are maintenance free.
Available in a number of original designs.
Vinyl replacement windows are available in a wide range of styles and shapes.
Offered in a wide range of prices.
Easy installation.


Composite windows feature a sash and frame that are made from more than one kind of material. For example, the inside surfaces of the window might be made from wood, so it could be painted or stained. The outside surface, however, could be made from a more weather-resistant material like vinyl or aluminum.

Composite windows are very energy-efficient.
Water and air tight. Excellent long-term durability.
Composite materials resist warping, denting and fading.
Offer a dimensionally stable. Offer high impact resistance.
Available in many styles, sizes and colors for new or replacement applications.
Low maintenance. Frames are easily recyclable.


Fiberglass windows are very strong and are even more energy efficient than those made from solid wood.

Fiberglass windows provide maximum durability. High energy efficiency.
Extreme strength. Maintenance-free materials. Resists deterioration.
Expand and contract very little with temperature changes.
Fiberglass is environmentally friendly.
Does not conduct heat or cold.
Fiberglass windows are impermeable to moisture.
Available in a variety of colors.
Holds large expanses of glass.
Fiberglass windows can be painted, unlike vinyl windows.