Windows Styles


Choosing the right windows for your home can make a huge difference in the overall look. Some rooms and homes look better with casement windows and others look better with traditional double hung windows.
Everyone has their own opinion about which looks and functions best and that is what determines which window they purchase.
So to help you with your selection, we offer to you window gallery with a few pictures of the most popular types of windows so you can get a better feel for how they look installed.

Double Hung

There's a reason double hung windows have been around forever: they look good.

Double Hung windows boast traditional styling that has delighted homeowners for generations. The top and bottom sashes are both operable for maximum ventilation, and both tilt in for cleaning from inside your home.

Single Hung

Similar in appearance to a Double Hung window, the Single Hung window is a classic look that will complement any home. The lower, operable sash of a Single Hung window tilts-in for easy cleaning from inside your home, while the upper sash remains fixed for reduced air infiltration and uncompromised security. Opens from the bottom of the window and slides up towards the ceiling.


Casement windows create a contemporary look right out of the latest architectural magazines. They can dramatically enhance and update a homes' exterior appearance. Casement windows crank out for easy cleaning from the inside and provide maximum ventilation. Casements open by a crank and can open from the left or right side.
Casement windows includes the best-designed hardware available, such as its sequential locking system and sophisticated roto gear mechanism. This ensures an airtight seal and improved security.


Awning windows are top-hinged windows. The sash on an Awning Window opens from the bottom and swings out horizontally. Similar to Casement windows, they are versatile, easy to clean and feature the best in smooth operating hardware.

They are available in almost any size and configuration, so you can use them alone, combined vertically or horizontally.


Garden windows are an ideal showcase, adding another dimension to a kitchen, powder room or any room. Display a prized collection in this glass-enclosed curio. For the “green thumb” of the house, what better way to show off gardening talents than a private viewing area? The Garden window’s uniquely-shaped trapezoid casements open for increased ventilation, and allow extra light into a small space. Specially designed handles are easy to reach, even above the kitchen sink!


Slider windows create a wide viewing area in any room while maintaining the convenience of operable sashes for ventilation. Available in two or three-lite configurations, Slider windows present a variety of design possibilities. Slider windows feature a dual brass roller system with stainless steel axles for years of smooth, reliable operation. The sashes are conveniently removable for cleaning from inside your home, and anti-lift blocks keep your home safe and secure.


Picture windows are stationary windows that create a frame for an unobstructed view, making the natural beauty of the outdoors part of a room’s décor. Picture windows can also be combined with other window types, such as Double Hungs, to achieve an ideal combination of view and ventilation.

Non-operable window often set within the middle of operable windows on each side.


Bay windows add a distinctive touch to your home’s exterior and an inside seat that is ideal for displaying family photographs and precious objects. Like Bow windows, Bay windows provide the perfect intimate setting to complement any interior. Combine a Picture window with either Casement or Double Hung windows to create a custom or "signature" Bay window style.


Bow windows feature equally sized windows joined together to create a stylish crescent. Individual lites can be fixed picture windows, operating casement or double hung windows.


Many geometric shapes, half rounds, trapezoids, circle, hexagons, triangles etc.
Architectural shaped windows are custom-built, stationary windows that come in a multitude of configurations. Add a shape above a picture window or double hung window to create a decorator look over a tub or in a powder room.